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 If you are here you must have purchased one of our many online Deals and Pre-Paid from one of  our many partner Online Deal & Promotion Services.



In order to use your Purchased Voucher & Schedule your Appt -

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Once you have requested an appt- one of  our staff therapist will validate your request

Large Promotions as these often result in lots of Spam to our phone lines email s and websites plus No-Show Clientele tie up slots that our regualr clients would have used - costing us an enormous loss- as the online deals are already deeply discounted to begin with


With the above issues plus deeply reduced prices from Groupon Deals it is not cost effective to list nor communicate efficiently nor effectively with our phone systems.

Our Website plus self serve Scheduling system is sufficient for Scheduling but we also have Online Tech-Support for those having difficulty with scheduling or have other questions 


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Our Partner Online Sites Often sell our Regularly Priced Services at Deeply Discounted Rates-to first time buyers.
Before you Schedule your Pre-Purchased Online Deal Please Read:


** We can not guarantee Sessions can be scheduled at same time for Couples Treatments- due to High Demand / Multiple Locations & Selective Specialty Staffing


**In order to keep expenses down and offer Great deals Online- we do not publish our phone number instead we have automated Scheduling and Online Tech-Support for Questions


**Once becoming a Regular Client you will most certainly have access to our Phone Number to Schedule Appts although our self serve system is sufficient.


If you have questions you can use the form on the Right side here to contact our Online- Tech Support.   Once you have Checked Available Schedules (link Below also) and Purchased your Online Pre-paid deal- Feel Free to Schedule on our Self Serve Schedule Page


Lastly when we run Deals- our Therapist take a very large "Hit" Please arrive for your scheduled appointment and Tip Generously -


Thank you

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