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What is Assisted Thai Yoga Detox Therapy?

Assisted Thai Yoga Detox Therapy Therapy:
Thai Yoga are very similar often one mistaken for the other.  But, not without reason as both are based on the same concepts of internal energy lines also called Sen or Meridian lines.  For the sake of brevity we will discuss Thai in this outline.  Once you understand the basics of Thai you will understand the basics of Shiatsu.   This use of the word massage should be used in the west with special care- since traditional thai therapy is often done fully clothed ! )   it is a unique and powerful combination of accupressue, gentle stretching and applied yoga but with Medical Applications for Health & well being very different from what we think of as massage in the West (often disrobing and often getting a gentle sweedish stroked massage of soft tissues with direct skin to skin contact and with the foremost goal of feeling relaxed).  Thai Therapy is known by several names but we will refer to it by Thai Therapy here coming from its Medical Lineage from Thailand.  The roots of Thai massage or Thai Therapy are found in northern India and are believed to have arrived in Thailand along with Buddhism around the third or second century B.C.

In our Lineage of Thai Therapy our clients arrive at the therapist office ready for a therapy session dressed in loose but fully clothed condition.  The typical clients seek us due to some medical conditions which by the way can also include stress.   Many times people will visit us just for relaxation and stress relief which we view also as clinical conditions (although preventive in nature - if not checkeded early on enough it can and often does lead to more serious conditions).  Furthermore, it should be noted Thai-Tuina is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture as well as other healing modalities as prescription Rx therapies often from Allopathic Medical Doctors.

Thai-Tuina Therapy Services are often great in combination with all other types of Health care provider services from Shaman spiritual healing to Allopathic Medical Treatment sessions of western doctors.  Most often, those that seek this therapy are attempting to use it as a preventive therapy having no major current problems.  This type of Proactive attitude for Thai-Tuina therapy is a very wise State of Mind, Body & Soul.

The founder of this form of Thai ( a component of the Thai-Tuina we practice ) is believed to be a man called Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician and friend of the Buddha.  Thai people call him Shivagokumarpaj and continue to honor him as the ‘father of medicine’.  Many practitioners say prayers each day to remember him as the founder and source of the healing art they practice.

Even with the origins of Thai Therapy being strongly from the traditional Indian healing arts, or Auryvedic medicine, it also has similarities with the meridian system in Chinese acupressure and acupuncture and in the Japanese therapy shiatsu hence, flows very well with our Tuina Therapy.  It’s a case of ‘close but not quite’ in that the Thai energy pathways, known as Sen lines, have their distinct differences from other modalities.  It is believed that valuable life energy, or ‘chi’, moves through the body via the Sen lines and it is when these pathways become blocked that the person will encounter pain or disease.  The Thai techniques are traditionally performed in a manner to clear the Sen lines, beginning at the feet and working throughout the body.

Thai healing art traditions have been passed down from teacher to pupil verbally, or as in many cases from parent to child.  The earliest written form of Thai medical scriptures is written in the ancient Pali language.  The few surviving text remain carved on the walls at Wat Pho, a famous temple in Bangkok.  Since our Therapist are also trained Traditionally that lineage in essence remains unbroken.

Acu Neuro Therapy 1The work performed by our Therapist  which is Shiatsu-Thai-Tuina has elements from the following sub-types of therapy but is not limited to only them.

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Traditional Northern Thai Therapy for for Relaxation or Medical:
Emphasizes stretching and is more relaxing, gentle and less painful than Southern style techniques which focus more on acupressure and is harder and stronger.  The gentle rhythmic rocking and compression provide a meditative quality to your session while providing your body with a thorough sense of muscle release and relaxation.

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Nerve Touch Shaitsu Massage for for Relaxation or Medical::
Developed by Japanese,  a special style of bodywork very similar to Thai & Tuina.  Incorporating both Northern and Southern techniques, this style of work uses both deep muscle manipulation and a twanging movement to stimulate energy flow in the body.  This work can be quite deep and provides powerful therapeutic results for the receiver.

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Thai Herbal for Relaxation or Medical:
For areas of chronic or severe pain and tenderness, steamed herb packs are applied to loosen the muscles, preparing them for stretching and pressure point work.  The herbs are a traditional Thai recipe which combine Thai yellow ginger, eucalyptus, cinnamon leaves, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, camphor, turmeric and cumin, all bundled up in cloth and used for warm compression during your session.  By first melting away the tension the muscle is more receptive to the compression and pressure of the Thai techniques.

Tuina for Relaxation or Medical:
Uses principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM to include Acupuncture points and point combination theory on lines called Meridian lines (which correspond to many many things in our body including the different organs).  TCM Presentation Assessments are done before each session begins so as to use the points appropriately at the right depths and angles during the sessions.  Some days the depth is deeper other days its less deep just as we are not the same persons day to day as such the therapy may be different also.

In traditional Thai and Tuina Therapy often the practitioner (often a Thai Doctor or Tuina Master Healer) had to make sure between clients they themselves were grounded and so would do Thai or Yoga exercises to clear the energy paths within themselves to be ready to help the next patient


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