Stay Healthy Institute is a Unique Business Model in that it is not a large corporation but rather a small business backed by a small group of Investors and led by a Volunteer board who make most all decisions. The Therapist are all Eastern Medical and Western medical Trained.

Another unique facet of the Institute is the Reliance on Self Serve systems as the Scheduling Software for Clients and also contracted "Online Tech-Support" for any questions clients might have. By keeping expenses lower the result has been remarkable and the Cross over has resulted in much lower cost to our clients for services.

The Small group of hand chosen Therapist are rotated in from Asian Therapy Centers of Eastern Healing with some of the highest Credentials in Eastern Traditional Therapies.

Furthermore, unlike most companies Therapist at Stay Healthy Institute are given opportunities to take active roles in the institutes Policy making and some take active roles beyond Therapy work as Joint Venture Participants.

One of the largest components of the Institute which was voted on is our active Community Outreach Programs:

The Institute Supports the American Red Cross & Heart Association with Funding and promotes Educational Training and Outreach.   We often serve as a site for Blood Draws / donations plus Free/ Reduced cost Health care Training Program Sites.


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Management - Volunteer Board